Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fear of a Muslim Planet?!

Radio Bandung confronts anti-Muslim sentiment and Islamophobia as it has been manifesting itself in contemporary political and cultural developments. What are its causes and consequences? We will examine a range of topics from debates over Muslim women and the hijab, the wave of oppressive "security" laws being enacted and renewed, the Kulturkampf over the Danish cartoons and the Pope's remarks, anti-immigration discourses and the fear of "Eurabia" or a Muslim Europe, and the racism underlying the detaining and torturing of Muslims from Abu Ghraib to the Maher Arar case here in Canada. Fasten your seatbelts for a whirlwind tour through the fiery furnaces of our day's most controversial issues. Our Virgil through this Inferno is Dr. Ariel Salzmann from Queen's.


Unlike the blowhards of the major media punditocracy and the amateurs who pontificate on terrorism even in the Academy without the slightest knowledge, historical background, or languages of the Middle East and Islamic World, Dr. Salzmann combines expertise in the Middle East with an analysis of the long history of Europe's inner demons when it comes to religious difference and racial minorities.

Deus lo volt!!


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