Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Animals and Postcolonial Speciesism

Radio Bandung trangresses the Animal-Human divide to explore the connections between colonial racism and postcolonial speciesism. With a founder of the field of postcolonial literature, Dr. Helen Tiffin, we range across the politics and poetics of pets, factory food, meat and murder. We discuss the Fanonian rage of elephants, discourses of rights and ethics, and the animal-human relationship as it has developed in the last couple of centuries.

Dr. Tiffin is a Canada Research Chair in the English Department at Queen's University, the author of scores of important articles and books, including "The Empire Strikes Back", and currently is writing on animals and environmment in postcolonial studies. (http://www.queensu.ca/english/tiffin.html)

This show aired Nov. 2, 2006


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