Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Decolonizing Canada: The Not So Quiet Revolution

The first of a two part series on the radical 60's in Canada from a global perspective of decolonization and postcolonial history. Sean Mills, a doctoral candidate in the history department at Queen's, discusses his research on Montreal in the 60's. His narrative turns the "Quiet Revolution" around and talks about the radical movements and their reception of anticolonial thought, the emergence of Black Power in Montreal and the solidarities across race and "nation." What did it mean for Canada to emerge from the British Empire without a national liberation struggle? As Ian McKay mentioned a few weeks ago--Canada has had national struggles waged within its borders. Radio Bandung talks about one such "national" question and its colonial contradictions in Montreal's age of "decolonization".

Les Damnes de la terre quebecoise?!

This show aired Nov. 16.


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