Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New York, New York!

Scott Rutherford returns from his reconaissance of New York City and delivers a report on the cultural and intellectual scene. We discuss Scott's review of the controversial and nearly censored play "My Name is Rachel Corrie." He reacts to the narrowness of a conference on the revolutionary year of 1968 from purportedly global perspectives, while ignoring decolonization, black power, and transnational movements of solidarity in anti-colonial and anti-racism struggles. We remind ourselves of Martin Luther King's speech in 1967 at the venerable Riverside Church on New York's Upper West Side when he articulated not only an anti-Vietnam war position, but also one of solidarity with global and interconnected struggles against capitalism, colonialism and racism. Radio Bandung remembers radical non-violent struggle from MLK to Rachel Corrie.


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